This book has been composed with the help of numerous good friends and collagues. Many thanks to Martijn, Helen, Margrietha, Vivian, Eva, Gerard, Dirk, Jo, Ivo, Mieke, Hester, Anne, Marten, Tim, Ruurd, Richard, Jessica, Wouter, Sander, Philip, Sabine, Laury, Hendrik, Martin, Ewald for all their inspiration and support.

Special thanks to:

Rozemarijn, for detecting all those fine movie fragments as an inspiration on the journey from the past tot he future

Martijn, for exploring and selecting the Liberating Structures as practical tools in the transition

Hester, for building and finetuning the application of the Mixing Console

Simone, as my sparring partner in the concept and the design of the book and the website

Louise, my granddaughter, for connecting me with picture books again, as an inspiration to tell a story mainly by images