Face the Future Leadership Book

In his latest book the author, Freek Peters, distinguishes six behavioral dimensions on which the transition to next generation leadership takes place. This results in six journeys, from classical leadership qualities to the qualities of the future. This picturebook shows these journeys in a stylish and imaginative way. You can join Birdy, our little hero, on its trip from the past to the future. You can gain deeper insights into the real meaning of the behavior and skills involved. You can use the QR-codes to find scientific knowledge, practical tools and inspiration from music and movies. You can even test and develop yourself on your leadership qualities with the mixing console.


Professor Freek Peters is an organizational psychologist, partner of the Galan Group in Baarn, The Netherlands. His present work and research at Tilburg University consider the contextual impact on contemporary and future leadership.

www.freekpeters.eu (English/Dutch)

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