Practical Tool The mixing console explanation

Instructions, how to use the Practical Tool The Mixing Console 

Create your personal leadership profile with the interactive version of the mixing console (page 54 and 55 in the book).

At first, the six leadership dimensions are presented, with the classical behavior on the left and the future behavior on the right.

Determine your preference zone by setting the percentages on each dimension and estimate how far you can stretch. Move to the next dimension with the Next Step button.

After setting the six dimensions you reach the full Mixing Console. You can move the white slider on each dimension to a specific position. You can set the sliders according to the demands of your actual context, or to the requirements of a certain job or task.

By setting the sliders, the birds will adjust to the amount of stretch you will be facing.

Three options can occur. The indicated situation is:

  • in your comfort zone,
  • in your effort zone or,
  • out of your reach.

Depending on your profile on each dimension the tool will show your position.

If you want to explore your leadership profile and learn how your (team) behavioral patterns and reflexes match to the characteristics of the context, consider the  four hour workshop.

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